XLNT Switzerland is part of the XLNT Recruitment Group, which specialises in helping Swiss companies hire IT talent from Sweden. With more than 20 years of experience in IT, technology and engineering we are considered specialists in this field on the market.

Åke Pihlanen – XLNT Switzerland

Åke's focus is to help Swiss companies with IT expertise from Sweden

Switzerland is a market Åke has had a special relationship with for several years, both through contacts with companies, investors, VC firm's and as a board member of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Sweden. Building strong brands and paving the way for new products and services has been Åke's purpose in life for over 30 years. This broad experience makes it easy for Åke to engage, understand and engage in constructive dialogue, regardless of the industry.
Åke's long experience in building and maintaining strong collaborations, both nationally and internationally, is of great value as he brings a good understanding of how to deal with cultural differences in particular.
Åke has experience from working in various industries where the technology/engineering sector clearly dominates. With great dedication, Åke has supported start-up and growth stage companies in business development, team coaching and recruitment. In addition, Åke has spent several years helping companies obtain external funding from international investors. 

He is very stress resistant, humble, unpretentious yet very curious and good at building strong and sustainable business relationships.

Åke Pihlanen